There are numerous upsides to using stainless steel fasteners in your work. Even though they may be affordable and anti-corrosive, these properties will only last if you take proper care. Even the best of frameworks can break down with the wrong work habits. In order to ensure your steel fasteners last, you need to keep your staff informed about good working procedures.

Check the steel grade

If you look at an offer of stainless steel fasteners, they will come in different grades. The most common ones are 304 and 316. The higher the number, the more corrosion-resistant the steel is. For this reason, you should always opt for the higher grade. The price may be higher, but the increased corrosion resistance is worth the extra cost.

Lube the threads

Before you assemble the threads, you should lubricate the stainless steel fastener threads. If you don’t lube the threads, a process called galling occurs. This is when some of the material gets scratched by the contacting surfaces. When force is applied, there will be excessive wear and tear over time.

Inspect the stainless steel fasteners

Finishing a project and leaving it is not the end of the work. Fasteners can lose grip in certain places over time. This is not a problem if it’s prevented in time, but if you leave it unresolved, the defect can wreak havoc on a large scale. This is why you need need to employ staff to periodically check on the work you’ve done.

Maintenance is key

Stainless steel fasteners are extremely durable if you take proper care over longer periods of time. However, neglect and the influence of the elements can shorten their lifespan considerably. Most importantly, the fasteners and the area around them need to be cleaned regularly. Letting dust settle all over the surface will not only damage the fasteners, but also the fastinng tools near them.

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